The risk of serious crashes is greatly reduced when Learner Drivers gain more on-road experience with their parents or other supervising drivers. Approx. 2,000 young drivers are involved in serious crashes in Victoria every year (with many times more involved in accidents not resulting in personal injury, but causing significant damage to the cars involved). Analysis of these accidents, reveals that in most cases the drivers concerned were not doing anything really wrong! They weren’t speeding, they weren’t drunk, they didn’t fall asleep at the wheel but still, the crash happened!

You may ask what can be done to reduce this alarming number of painful and costly crashes. Studies conducted by the Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC) suggest that an additional 120 hours of supervised
driving practice will … Decrease young drivers risk of an accident by as much as 30%!
“So, why choose a Professional Driver Trainer?”

We’ll pick you up from Home, School or Work in our late model air conditioned cars, power steering, etc. Your safety is guaranteed, as all of our cars are fitted with airbags and dual control pedals just in case of emergencies or potentially dangerous situations.
We will teach everything you need to know to pass your Driving Test and mold you to good driving behaviors and safety on the road.

Th e facts
Driving seems pretty easy most of the time. As long as nothing unexpected happens and you drive carefully and legally, you should be safe. However, unexpected things do happen. Sometimes drivers make mistakes or make poor judgements. P platers are especially accident prone, particularly in their first year of driving. Here are some facts to keep in mind:
–  P platers have three times the risk of being in an accident where at least one person is injured or killed.
–  They have three times the risk of having a single vehicle crash, such as running off the road.
–  Their crash risk in the first few months is very high compared to later in the probationary period.
–  Even with 120 hours of experience as a learner, P platers are still developing safe driving skills and still have a high risk of crashing.
–  Drivers aged 18-25 account for about a quarter of all drivers killed.
Common crashes involving new probationary license drivers include:
–  Running into the back of another vehicle.
–  Turning right at intersections.
–  Being hit by a right turning vehicle.
–  Single vehicle crashes.

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